Dear Rebecca Schoneveld...

This is my first love letter to a designer.  Brace yourself for some major girl crushing...and major style.  

Ahem...(clears throat...pen to paper)...

Dear Rebecca,

I first met you in the winter of 2013, that time I stopped by your lovely brownstone studio and got to play dress up in your personal creative space (lucky gal I was).  I was the subject of a styled shoot that would feature your dress at the very hip Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn.  Do you remember that?  I was newly in love and eager to play out a fantasy wedding in Williamsburg's coolest hotel with my then man boo and now husband (woohoo!).  You were so encouraging.  You let me explore the potential of so many dresses and you were equally joyous with each try-on.  You see, that's what I LOVE: your heart comes through in your design.  You're romantic.  You flow.  You are whimsical.  You are elegant.  You are strong.  Today's blog honors your vision and spirit!  

Oh, did I also mention you support  and collaborate with fellow designers?  Amen to that milady!

Rebecca, I curtsy to you.  I high five you.  I congratulate you on your newest endeavor...SCHONE BRIDE!  I cannot wait to see what you have in store at your upcoming launch party.  You say "Pure Beauty for Modern Women" and I say "YEEESSSS!  Exactly!!!".  Brides around the universe, get some of this!!  

For more information on the photos and styles below, email me here.