Chloe and Dan reached out to me not long before their wedding.  Yes we had a few months ahead of us, but still, the clock was ticking in terms of hosting a destination wedding.  They had decided to let go of their previously hired planner and brought me on board to whip everything...and everyone...into shape.  After a phone call from across the Atlantic (New York & London to be exact), we decided it was the right fit.  ME: alpha production maniac with a soft and romantic heart.  THEM: sweet, kind, busy professionals with a dream to be married in the most intimate setting (25 guests!).    

Let's be honest, you can take the girl out of New York and plop her onto a sexy tropical beach somewhere, but you can't take the New York out of the girl.  Born and bred hustlers right?  I take pride in the level of performance I set and expect for vendors.  Of course I could understand Chloe and Dan's stress as they neared their date from across the ocean,  but I knew we'd be able to turn it into smiles and good vibes.  Soon everything was lined up and the fun was ready to be had. 

The bad news is...PSYCH....there was no bad news!  The good news (GREAT NEWS) is, it was all easy breezy lemon squeezey from the start.  Plus, their fabulous English accents made it even cooler.  So they flew across the pond, married with style and grace, and I can't wait for them to pop out some babies.  The End :).