Cinco de Mayo...*sigh*...a typically hazy day overflowing with margarita's, tacos, bright colors, sombreros, pom poms, maracas, mariachis, and in general, a sh*t ton of partying.  This was the day JoJo and Cam picked to celebrate their wedding.  Sure, they've got a laid back California air about them, relaxed and all smiles and gentle in nature, but I was all too impressed with their ability turn up the music and TURN UP.  

The most important things on their wedding day:  Music, Art, Food.

Let's start with the Music:  They went with the local goddess DJ Jungle Vibes.  Not a traditional wedding choice, but alas, the perfect fit!  All beach vibes, still some popular dane tunes, but at the core, very, very, Tulum.


As creatives, JoJo and Cameron wanted to represent the art and artisan community somehow during their wedding weekend.  The solutions (as there were many):

1.  Throw their welcome party at Tulum Art Club in the center of town.  A beautiful way to incorporate the local community of artists.  

2.  They commissioned the very talented Art by Lou to create 3 very large art pieces for the actual wedding day.   Mission accomplished when they were hand delivered the day before the wedding to their hotel room.  On the wedding day these served as backdrops to the head table, DJ booth, and a photo op area on the beach.  

3.  We commissioned local iron workers to make 100 brightly colored geometric planters to be installed throughout the location.  To tie it all in, ask everyone to wear white and BOOM.  Tulum-beachfront-jungle gallery-vibes for days.  #nailedit   


Edgy and elevated Mexican food is the best way to describe their menu choices.  While still being of the area, they added interest to a traditional menu  by choosing items like duck tacos, empanadas filled with smoked marlin and  Oaxacan cheese, Yucatan tamales, ceviche with a coconut base, grilled octopus and wood oven fired pork.  To put it mildly, the tasting we had took over 4 hours and was indeed, epic.  Roll us away on a dolly please!

Why I loved this experience so much;  Jo and Cam weren't afraid to break from tradition and showcase the things they truly admired.  The result, a new approach to what you'd expect of a wedding in Tulum.  An approach honoring the local art and music community which in turn became a giant enveloping hug from Tulum to their wedding guests that said "hello new friends, welcome home".  



The story of how I came to work with Ale and Mark is unique to say the least.  We lived across the hall from each other.  Two young couples living in a trendy Brooklyn apartment building that had amenities up the wazoo.  They were interesting, both Brazilian (I'd hear them speaking to each other on the elevator once and thought it was the sexiest thing ever).  She had family from Texas and he, from China, though both were raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

We'd stumble across each other returning from late nights out or quietly standing in the elevator for our morning commutes.  We never borrowed sugar or moved beyond a head nod.  One of these particular late lights, around 3am, I heard Ale and Mark arrive home louder than usual and my dog parker was growling at our door.  I peered through our little peephole in the door to see Mark leaning heavily on their door attempting to get into his apartment.  I open the door, "Everything all right?".  Mark was locked out.  I stepped out of my neighborly comfort zone and worked on getting Mark back into the apartment.  I could go on and on with more details and more elevator head nods, but the moment it all came together was on the street in Williamsburg Brooklyn months after...

I had just picked up an almond latte from my favorite spot, Swallow.  I'm walking out of the coffee shop and Ale, (who by the way is ridiculously gorgeous; style not only in her clothing but in her literally jumps out from her) says in a raised voice "Kerry Beach Events!?  You plan weddings in Tulum??  My neighbor?!  I'm getting married there in May!".  It was early in the morning so though I was slow to respond, we ended up chatting through her current planning situation (which was that she was letting go of her originally hired planner).  We reminisced about the locked-out-in-the-hallway incident and then excitedly chatted about everything that is amazing about Tulum (insert heart and palm tree emojis here).  I learned more about their stunning childhood sweetheart love story:  I mean, Mark has a tattoo of the original writing she had of her phone number on a napkin smack dab on his calf about 8" long and 2" tall like WHOA!

Ale and Mark hired me about a week later.  The rest as they say, is history.  

I just met up with them in Tulum actually.  8 months after their wedding, shining and happy, with love just oozing from every pore.  I'm desperately trying to make them my neighbors there!  Wish me luck!  Check out their epic wedding photos here!